Our Equipment

Quality goes hand in hand with production of small batches at Carleton Place Winery.

Our clients produce several thousand bottles of wines at our premises each year. We pride ourselves on having sterile and up to date equipment. This means that having the right equipment to produce a quality product is essential to both The Carleton place Winery and our clients.

Some of our equipment:

  • Six Pad Commercial Filter Machine
  • Bottle Sanitizer
  • Customer Label Maker
  • Vaccuum Bottler
  • Pnuematic Corker
  • MacDay Label System


By now you probably know at least one other person who makes his or her own wine at a ferment on premise operation like ours, and have heard about how easy it is.

You begin by choosing the wine kit. There are basically four types of kit, referring to the length of time it takes for the process from starting the wine to bottling it. These are four, five, six and eight weeks in length. Each of these types has both white and red (and sometimes blush) wine styles in a great variety of wine styles. It is our job to try and match your taste and price point with the wine kit that works for you.

Once the wine has been selected, we pour the “must”, or juice and contentrate mixture, into a bucket (primary fermenter), and you add the yeast. The yeast feeds off the sugars in the juice to create alcohol.

You are then done for the day!

While you are gone, we let the wine ferment, add the other ingredients, de-gas the wine (carbon dioxide is another by-product of the fermenting process and must be removed from the wine), allow the wine to clear, and finally filter it. Then it's ready for bottling!

Once the wine is finished, we will call you to make a bottling appointment. The bottling process is roughly 30 minutes per batch. You can bring your own bottles or buy them from us. We have a bottle sterilizer, a vacuum bottle filler, and an automatic corker. We'll show you how to use these and supervise until you are comfortable. If you choose to label your bottles and put shrink tops on them, we have the technology!