The Fermenting Process

Making wine on our premises is not only the most affordable way to enjoy excellent quality wines but we do most of the work for you, so all you really have to do enjoy the "fruits" of your labour. Most of our customers look forward to their fun and rewarding wine making experience with us.

At Carleton Place Winery, we offer wines kits made with grapes from all of the greatest wine producing regions from around the globe, including France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Chile, Australia, the United States and Canada

1. Consultation

3. Fermenting

5. Racking

7. Degassing

9. Bottle Sanitizing

11. Bottling

13. Take It Home

2. Starting The Process

4. Stopping Specific Gravity

6. Additives

8. Filtering

10. Bottle Sanitizing, Part 2

12. Corking